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LONG LIVE THE LINK on Dusty Groove America

linkquartet_longlivet_101b.jpgA totally cooking little set from the Hammond-heavy Link Quartet — a batch of live recordings pulled together from performances on both sides of the Atlantic over the past few years — all woven together strongly with a really unified sound, in a way that almost makes the album a super-concert by the combo! As on their studio records, the sound here is totally great — a mod-influenced, 60s-styled approach to Hammond combo grooving — with instrumentation that includes lots of chopping guitar, bass, and drums alongside the organ — all fused together in a really clean, lean sort of sound. CD features a whopping 18 tracks in all — with titles that include live versions of “Gianni Fuso Nerini”, “Marshall Jim 100”, “Send Me A Postacard”, “Almost Grown”, “Beat IT”, “Mrs Robinson”, “Crosstown Traffic”, “Claudia”, “Greased On Delta Street”, “Strudel Girl”, “6V6 LA”, “Move Move Move”, and “Happy Boys Happy”.