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The Link Quartet are now back in action with a new single that brings the band back to its sixties roots, this time with a more modern and cinematic perspective. Imagine one of André Héléna stories, set in Côte d’Azur, with a spectacular robbery, car chases and bullets flying all over your head: that’s the A-side “The Saint-Tropez Heist”, a wild up-tempo movement, with a screaming Hammond organ, fuzz guitar and a heavy bass line, also featuring, as guest, the incredible bongo sound of Nasser Bouzida.
After the action you can follow the gang into a smoky night club where they chill out sharing the loot, drinking and watching the girls dancing: that’s “Nizza Connection”, a dark and evocative down-tempo groove where the hypnotic drums’ groove sets the base for the organ theme, joined by the Moog synthesizer and the Mellotron to create the right mood for a perfectly fitted B-side.