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The Sound of Danger

Various (U.S.A.) – “The Sound of Danger”
– Ahhh!!! The intrigue and suspense of spy and surf music combined with the elements of garage, rock and jazz, it all sounds so interesting enough doesn’t it? Well, it is! Wilson Chance – The Sound of Danger is the soundtrack to an upcoming celluloid outing and a sneak preview to some of dialogue that you will hear in the movie.
– Several bands with varying degrees of styles and approaches contribute to the compilation. The Special Agents, Men From Spectre, Vic Flick (gee, what an original name that is), Link Quartet, Mike Painter and The Yards are all dynamic performers on this chock-full instrumental CD.
– If you like rock, surf, garage, fuzz tone guitar, surf, spy and lounge music, it can all be found right here on this disc. I found it all very entertaining with exceptional song structure, considering it is a style of music that is widely recognized by its listeners for its simplicity and pure musical approach. One of the focuses of this project is the many uses of the Hammond organ. It proves to be a useful tool for all musicians that contribute to this fine effort. It is not as if I needed more evidence regarding the value of the Hammond. Projects like this bolster my belief in the worthiness of the instrument and its overall capabilities. As my continuing adoration for instrumental rock music that encompass all the aspects of surf, spy and lounge all wrapped into one CD continues, it is CDs such as this that keep those feelings alive and well inside me. This is great stuff!
– “Beat.It” is raw 60’s drenched fuel to feed a world dominated by an otherwise anemic and bland soundscape. How Hammond organ funk is meant to be heard.
– “Beat.It” is also the sound for the 2004 motion picture “Wilson Chance” (Bunzendahl Brothers Productions), which provided 5 songs to sit side-by-side with a fresh score by 007 guitar legend Vic Flick. And if that wasn’t enough, the meeting of the Link Quartet, Hammondbeat, and Wilson Chance has resulted in a special soundtrack album (”The Sound of Danger”, March 2, 2004) featuring over 70 minutes of new music, also available at CDbaby!
– The Link Quartet have arrived! Following their first US tour in October 2003, the boys returned to their native Italy to discover they’d become “rock stars” for rising to the challenge and taking a crack at America….with tour offers throughout Europe and even Japan their reward. A return trip to the US and album is being planned for Summer 2004. Buy “Beat.It”, the album that started it all, and is still finding new worlds to conquer – let one of them be yours!!
– Look out for The Link Quartet on tour in the USA this JUNE. The Link Quartet are headlining the MODchicago weekender JUNE 12 ( for most current info)