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Various Artists Wilson Chance – The Sound Of Danger [Soundtrack]
This soundtrack in the works for a film project features a fine selection of organ dominated instros, most of which are not too closely related to surf. However, if you enjoy sounds like John Barry used to produce, you might really enjoy this CD. I found it to be very enjoyable and very cool.
-THE LINK QUARTET “The Sound Of Danger”
Sequenced espionage, keys and bass, then big organ thunder and spy guitar. Swirly console organ and twang set the stage with mondo suave. Some guitar licks verge on surf, and the overall affect of the track is really rather seductive.
-THE LINK QUARTET “Greased On Delta Street”
The Link Quartet knock around the organ while the guitar dry-chops jazzy rhythms and wah-wah grooves. Like a funk jam with a liquid groove, “Greased On Delta Street” is a splendid example of how it all can work miles from the center. It’s not really surf at all, yet it’s easy to see how it would run well behind a surf video. Great stuff!
-THE LINK QUARTET “Souvenir De Macon”
Dirty fuzz, churning organ, solid bass… “Souvenir De Macon” is not really very far from some of the cooler jazz organ instros that graced early sixties R&B station playlists in the US. I’m reminded of a great single called “Monkey Hips and Rice” (wish I could recall who did it!), only updated with fuzz guitar added into the mix.
-THE LINK QUARTET “Deliquesced By Devonshire”
“Deliquesced By Devonshire” is a smoother, more fluid track, with a round riff and big organ drama and showoff licks. Really fun!
Phil Dirt