Quattro pezzi facili


Release Date: 15/02/2016

Album Description

The Link Quartet created “Quattro Pezzi Facili” with Silvia Molinari, an experienced singer with an incredible emotional charge. In search of the perfect balance between a signature instrumental energy and the intrinsic talent of Molinari, the group was inspired to reinvent foreign songs in Italian. The discovery of unreleased 60s scores allowed the group to explore and play with the sounds of that era but with an ear free to create something without precedent. Paolo Apollo Negri, Renzo Bassi, and Alberto Maffi created modern arrangements while Marco Murtas and Molinari interpreted the lyrics. The results are the imagings of Love Buzz (Shocking Blue), I’m A Woman (Shocking Blue), and Back Up Against The Wall (Blood Sweat And Tears). Completing the collection is a reinvention of the Ombretta Colli 1969 take of Harley Davidson (Serge Gainsbourg).

Album Tracks